Lisa has worked with a variety of improvising dancers,

video artists, fine arts, light designers etc.

She also has a political performance project called "headstand" with a seperate blog.

Cup for 19 measuring cups and soprano

photo: Hege Monica Eskedal

The Nordic Group, Photo: VARIA

Trio Steffi Lund, Pia Lindy, Lisa Dillan

Photo: Kristin Skrivervik

Bio, performance


•Artist in Residence at the ”Kapittelfestivalen 2013” in Stavanger, with 11 minitaures for voice and moving body

•Open Form: member of Else Oslen S. Ensemble with Christian Wolff and Pauline Oliveros (Research Fellowship Programme, NMH, 2007 and 2015)

•Main character as Tycho Brae – in progress, premiere on Festspillene i Bergen 2016

•Main character as Ida, in the piece "Mera" at the swedish theater ”Cinnober Teater” (in collaboration with Ultima and Blackbox in 2008). 

•Participated as "dancer" in the  Melin/Danielsson- produktion "Embedded" in Stockholm in 2009 

•Mio min Mio, 2007, Hålogaland teater: The ”Sorrow bird”  and ” Guard for Knight Cato”- flying and singing 8 meters up in the air, walking on 2 meter long stilts

•Quartet with among others, butho dancer Jerry Gardner (US)

•The Nordic Group - collabortion with 10 nordic artist: dancers, musicians, video artists and light designers

•”Physicalities” – net work/group of Norwegian and Finish dancers

•Duo with drummer Gino Robair

•Duo with drummer Christian

•Trio Steffi Lund, Pia Lindy, Lisa Dillan

•Duo with Pia Lindy (dance)

•”Pastill”, trio with Steffi Lund and Anne Panda Gjems Rudi, starting again in 2015

•”THEA” – artistic research project initiated  by Johan Thelander (2007/08)

•”SVERM” – artistic reserach project 2011/12

•Initiated the artistic research project INTERIMP from 2012 – 2015 (Collaboration between KHiO and NMH)

•Teaching and elaborating a pilot initiated by Camilla Eeg – Tverrbak and Henrik Helstenius for the coming master degree in intermedia, hosted at NMH, HiØ and KHiO

•Teaching intermedial improvisation at NMH, in classes and workshops

•Master programme NMH ”Music in perspective”, one week projects in collaboration with The National Gallery, Norway

In recent years she has also composed in fusion with coreography and Open Form scores, a few of them documented on video/DVD:

1.Head over heels (DVD)

2.Autumn Leaves  (DVD)

3.Cup for 19 meassuring cups san soprano (DVD)

4.Croyant (DVD)

5.Tragic Magic (a collaboration with The Hungry Hearts) (DVD)

6.The American Dream ( a collabortation with five performers from ”The Nordic Group”, VARIA (DVD)

7.Composed, coreographed and directed the piece ”Who Is?”, an accomodation work for the ensemble ”Smaa Graa” in 2011