"Many have tried to turn the old classics, but the vast, vast majority doesen´t reach

The King even up to his heels. But Lisa Dillan makes it."

Oppland arbeiderblad

Lisa Dillan


Lisa Dillan, Vocal

Asbjørn Lerheim, guitar

Elvis´original musicans:

James Burton, Norbert Putnam, Glen D. Hardin, Paul Leim, Reggie Young, Steve Gibson, Biff Watson, David Briggs, Charlie McCoy.

Musicians from KORK, Norwegian Radio Orchestra

Released in 2012, on Kirkelig kulturverksted

Produced by Paul Leim and Norbert Putnam

Co-produced by Lisa Dillan and Asbjørn Lerheim

With Elvis´ original musicians

The recording was done with seven of Elvis´ original musicians in the very same studio they did recordings with Elvis. The tracks are quite quiet version of Lisa's favorites from Elvis´ material.


"Elvis has hardly ever been as beautiful interpreted as by Lisa Dillan/it's all about Elvis, and it's all about soft jazz. So tender, touching and beautiful that the crush is about to take a stranglehold ."

Harstad Tidene

"This is so great, so beautiful, so strong, so personal and so unique that one only can give in, and move into Lisa Dillans Elvis-world/ The versions of "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" and "You'll Never Walk Alone" is nothing less than amazing – they move in and stays in the heart forever."


"Very beautiful. Like a reqviem over Elvis”


"Elvis has left the building, but Lisa has entered the room!"


"Tumultuous cheering/great experience/hushed, close and intense"

Avisa Nordland

” of the greatest ”Elvis experiences" I have ever had/I have never seen James Burton this playful ever/ warmly recomaneded!"

Flaming Star (Elvis Presley Fan Club/Norway)